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Top 3 Least Painful IPL Hair Removal Devices

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The world has gone past the era of enduring pains and body discomfort, simply because you are a lady that needs to stay clean and shaved.

As it stands now, there are so many beauty innovations in society today. Many that will allow you to cherish your skin and achieve glamor without going through the torture of a painful hair removal process.

So, how can you save yourself from this pain? Of course, there are better ways to treat the skin while removing your body hair. Hence, we’ll explore a few hair removal methods that tend to be less painful and nice to the skin below:


Traditional shaving – Firstly, If you have to go back to the traditional shaving method, just to be gentle with your skin, then do it. There’s nothing wrong with the good old fashion way of hair removal.

For a fact, it is one of the least painful hair removal options on the list. You only need to be very careful with the process, to avoid scratching your skin with the shaver. This shaver can either be a razor blade or a shaving stick.

Also, you can choose to include shaving cream or a bathing soap for smoother gliding. This traditional shaving method works for all parts of the body, except for the eye.


Hair removal cream – It is quite easy to guess that the use of hair removal cream is a very quick method with literally no pain involved. It works effectively without creating any pressure on the skin.

While it promises a comfortable process, it may also be worth noting that most hair removal creams contain some chemical substances, which could be detrimental to your body.

Therefore, it is advisable to read the instructions that come with the kit for more useful information. You could as well go on to apply it to a small part of your body to confirm if it is compatible with your skin.


Sugaring – A lot of people may not know about this hair removal process but it is among the valid options available. It is closely related to the waxing option but sugaring requires the use of dissolved sugar instead.

Many beauty therapists have confirmed that it is a gentle and natural technique for getting rid of hair on the body. We must also admit that it is an ancient method and follows almost the same process as waxing.

The major thing that differentiates sugaring from waxing is that waxing sticks to your skin and pulls the whole skin on the area while removing the hair, which makes it very painful. But in the case of sugaring, it binds and extracts the hair alone, saving your skin the torture and painful experiences.


Thermicon heat technology – This is where we take a little step into technological devices. These inventions work with the use of thermicon heat to crystallize and remove hairs on the surface of the skin.

According to most users, there are no chemical substances involved in the process. And it works instantly without creating any pain and intense pressure on the body.

Another thing to note is the fact that such devices work on the surface level alone, as results may not be permanent. But the good thing is that it will definitely handle the hairs on your skin with no pain.



Next on our list of least painful hair removal processes are the introduction of higher technological devices!

These highlights can not be completed if we do not take a deeper step into revealing the luxurious IPL hair removal devices. Therefore, we will carefully examine the top 3 IPL devices that are the least painful and very comfortable to use.

  1. Ulike’s Sapphire seriesThis is an intense pulse light device from Ulike hair removal brand. As a leading gadget, the sapphire ice-cooling variant has proven to be very painless and also delivers permanent beauty quality in just four weeks.

The ice-cooling technology will protect your skin from any possible injuries by reducing its heat output during treatment.

Further analysis shows that the laser light has a temperature of 50°F~104°F degrees, which is far lower than what other traditional hair removal devices will give you.

 With this record, the skin is cooled to avoid any burn and painful experiences. And it can be used for every part of the body.


  1. Kenzzi’s handset - here is another efficient way to achieve a painless hair removal process.

This IPL hair removal device is from Kenzzi hair removal beauty brand.  With this handset, the laser light effect is restricted to the surface but, focuses more on the follicles underneath the skin. You can safely use it for all body parts, as it will prevent skin irritation and redness.


  1. Roseskinco IPL devices – Many laser devices from the Roseskinco hair removal brand have proven to work magically without irritating the skin.

For example, they have the Lumi IPL that is designed to offer a very deep and gentle hair removal process without creating heat and burn like most traditional devices.

It uses advanced cooling technology that offers the skin maximum luxury and comfort during the treatment.

Results are usually notable after four successful removal sessions. And, the good thing about this laser hair removal handset is that it is flexible to carry around, and it works great for every part of the body.



Pain is undeserving! With these hair removal methods listed above, there’s certainly no reason for you to deprive your body of some good comfort and luxury. Take the privilege and shower your skin with some required love!

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