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Top 20 Leading Fashion Influencers on Instagram You Should Follow

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While influencer marketing covers just about every niche, it is in fashion where it is of most influence. Since the launch of Instagram, there’ve been thousands of influencers, but few influence the trajectory of the industry. Here are a few who live up to their names.

  1. Chiara Ferragni

Followers: 28.5M

Chiara Ferragni is an Instagram influencer from Italy as well as a fashion blogger. She garnered popularity after blogging about the outfits she wore every day. Thanks to the high-quality photos and illustrations, she was able to gain a loyal following.

She is also an avid traveler. She dedicates much of her time to run her brand; Chiara Ferragni Collection. Her clothing line includes pants, sweats, dresses, and tops.

  1. Noha Nabil

Followers: 12.3M

Noha Nabil, a Kuwaiti is a YouTuber, journalist, Instagram influencer, and a fashion blogger. Her Instagram is populated with her daily life as well as colorful outfits. She runs several brands namely Retrouvailles Paris, Noha Nabil Beauty and Cosmetics, and Elven.11 Fashion.

  1. Camila Coelho

Followers: 9.8M

Camila Coelho, a Brazilian Instagram influencer based in Los Angeles has garnered a loyal following through the years. She is also active on YouTube, where she’s widely known for her love of contemporary fashion. She has worked with huge brands such as Tory Burch and Dior.

Besides fashion, she is also an ambassador for the Epilepsy Foundation of America. Like most notable influencers, she is the founder of Elaluz, a cosmetic brand and the clothing line, Camilacoelho Collection. She populates her Instagram with travel, photography, and her daily life.

  1. Olivia Palermo

Followers: 7.5M

Olivia Palermo is based in New York, her city of birth. She is a renowned MTV star, fashion blogger, influencer, and trendsetter. She came into the limelight after featuring in MTV’s show, The City. The show focused on professional lives of young women.

During the show she worked with Diane Von Furstenberg, before joining Elle magazine. In 2011, Palermo started has blog, Oliveapalermo. It was an editorial blog about lifestyle and fashion.

instagram fashion influencers

  1. Julie Sarinana

Followers: 7.1M

Julie Sarinana is a Mexican Instagram influencer based in Los Angeles. Julie was among the first fashion influencers in the industry, having started her blog, Sincerely, Jules, in 2009. She has garnered a following through the years and is widely known for her slogan, “dream, believe, achieve.”

Together with Roberta Freymann, they launched the jewelry collection, Carrera y Carrera in 2010. In 2016, she collaborated with Nordstorm, and later in 2017, they partnered with Banana Republic. She populates her Instagram with cosmetics and elegant outfits.

  1. Jessica Wang

Followers: 1.8M

Jessica Wang is a Chinese fashion influencer based in New York City. She populates her Instagram with beautiful outfits and writes about fashion and lifestyle on her blog. She combines trendy fashion with her preferences, which illuminates her uniqueness.

Her approach to fashion is rather audacious and daring since she experiments with different items to achieve unique outfits. This unique approach has helped her gather a loyal fanbase across different social media platforms.

  1. Jeanne Damas

Followers: 1.6M

Jeanne Damas is a fashion influencer based in Paris. She is also an actress, author, and founder of the fashion brand Rouje. Besides fashion, she also into the food industry, having opened Chez Jeanne restaurant in 2019. She also opened her flagship store in the same year.

She is known for her laid-back and stylish outfits. She has partnered with top brands such as Roger Vivier, Gucci, Costume National, and Isabel Marant. She has also featured in Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 list.

  1. Claire Rose Cliteur

Followers: 1.1M

Claire was born in Amsterdam but is based in New York City. She is among top fashion influencers you should follow on Instagram. Her style is rather subtle, unlike other influencers who portray flashy outfits. She encompasses all aspects from sports to office outfits. Her mantra is not to care too much about everything. And this is evident in her fashion taste. She has collaborated with brands such as Vogue, Gucci, and Dior.

  1. Leonie Hanne

Followers: 4.5M

Leonie Hanne is a fashion blogger from Germany. She is in fact among the top influencers from Germany. Her career in started in 2014 when she started Ohh Couture in 2014, together with her boyfriend.

It quickly became a famous blog in Germany, and thanks to her Instagram, she was able to gain followers from different countries. She is renowned for explosive colors and experimenting with different outfits. She has collaborated with brands such as Tory Burch, Sergio Rossi, and Lancome.

Fashion Influencers on Instagram

  1. Petra Mackova

Followers: 1.0M

Petra Mackova is also known as Pepa Mack, she is a fashion influencer based in Sydney. She is an avid advocate of minimalism when it comes to fashion. Her outfits are simple, comprising trench coats, sneakers, jackets, T-shirts, and jeans. The 36-year-old has gained a fanbase among many fashion enthusiasts.

  1. Aimee Song

Followers: 6.8M

Aimee song started has fashion blogging career in 2008. She started her blog Song of Style as a hobby. However, due to its popularity, she decided to take blogging seriously. She is the author of “Capture Your Style” and “World of Style.” Both are New York Times bestselling books. She also founded Song of Style clothing and later sold it to Revolve, a top designer shop.

  1. Mariano Di Vaio

Followers: 6.7M

Mariano Di Vaio is influenced by the Italian lifestyle. He is among the top fashion influencers gaining more than 6 million followers. He is well known for fitted shirts, suits, hats, and sleek jackets. He likes to portray how a modern gentleman should dress. His Instagram is a source of inspiration, is you are at limbo on outfits.

  1. Caroline Daur

Followers: 3.9M

Caroline Daur is a German fashion influencer. She started blogging on fashion at the age of 19, and quickly gained a fanbase in Germany. She has partnered with several brands such as Dior, and featured in shows such as Dolce & Gabbana. She has a line namely MAC lipstick. She has also partnered with Levi for designing denim jackets.

  1. Danielle Bernstein

Followers: 3M

Danielle Berstein started has fashion journey as a student in New York. She started We Wore What, which has since become a household name in the fashion industry. She is among the top fashion influencers on Instagram.

Like other top fashion influencers, she has collaborated with numerous brands such as Armarium, Tcherassi, and Nordstorm. She also works with brands in the travel and hospitality industry. She has several cloth lines to her name such as Archive Shoes and SSO by Danielle.

Top Fashion Influencers on Instagram

  1. Wisdom Kaye

Followers: 2.2M

Wisdom Kaye was born and raised in Houston Texas. He is a reputable fashion blogger, Instagram and TikTok Influencer. He also models under various brands. His social media platforms are populated with his fashion-related content. In fact, Vogue labeled him as TikTok’s best dressed gentleman. He has worked with leading brands such as Revlon, Dior, and Ralph Lauren.

  1. Zoella Zeebo

Followers: 9.3M

Zoella Zeebo, also known as Zoe Sugg, is a leading fashion influencer on Instagram and other social media platforms. She started her fashion and lifestyle blog in 2009, before venturing into YouTube. Later in 2009, she started working with New Look, a British clothing retailer.

While she has several YouTube channels, her first channel, Zoella, focuses on beauty and fashion. These channels have won numerous awards such as the Beauty award in 2014 and 2015.

  1. Christine Baberich

Followers: 3.1M

Christine Baberich is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of, a leading women’s media company. The website attracts more than 175 million visitors per month. She is also a speaker at leading fashion events and media outlets. She co-founder Refinery29 in 2005, which has since become a global brand. She also has a huge following on Twitter and other social media platforms.

  1. Lauren Conrad

Followers 5.9M

Lauren Conard is an American fashion influencer who gained fame through the reality show, Laguna Beach, California. She later moved to Los Angeles where she continued with her role in reality shows such as The Hills. In 2009, she launched the cloth line LC Lauren Conrad, and in 20011, she founded Paper Crown, another cloth line.

  1. Gianluca Vacchi

Followers: 22.3M

Gianluca Vacchi is among the top male fashion influencers in the industry. The Italian-born influencer is also a renowned businessman and has a net worth of approximately $450 million. Married to a model, he populates his Instagram with dance moves, tattoos, and his body. He also has a large wardrobe collection which he shares on Instagram.

  1. Kevin Ma

Followers: 10.3M

Kevin Ma is known for his website, Hypebeast. The fashion site also sells streetwear outfits. He launched the website in 2005 with an aim to talk about hyped products in the fashion industry. It initially targeted sneakers, but has since widened its scope. He started the blog while still working at a bank.

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