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Why IPL is the newest trend in hair removal

Removing unwanted hair can sometimes be a pain, not just physically but finding a solution that will work long-term can be painful. For example, shaving is done multiple times a week, and razors are expensive to replace. Waxing is another option; however, it is painful, messy, and inconvenient. As a result of these inconvenient problems, a better solution has become popular over the last few years. This solution is Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, which will help you get the hair-free look you want.


What is Intense Pulsed Light?

IPL is a light treatment first developed in 1997; It uses intense pulses of light to stimulate skin issues and help achieve permanent hair removal. This is done by targeting melanin, the pigment in hair and skin. IPL is not laser therapy; however, it is similar. Both types of hair removal target the pigmentation in the hair and cause damage or kill the cells that cause hair to grow. IPL devices do this by creating a build-up of heat that will travel down the hair and destroy the cells that produce new hair.

IPL therapy works on living hair, which makes up around 25% of a person’s body. However, it does not work on dead hair, which is why multiple treatments are needed. Your body will shed dead hair about every three weeks, and each IPL treatment will target the new living hair growth as the dead hair is shed.

IPL and permanent laser hair removal require multiple treatments before lasting results are seen. However, IPL is different in that it offers various wavelengths allowing for larger areas to be treated at once. It is also cheaper than doing hair removal by permanent laser and has no downtime.


Will IPL work with my skin tone?

When IPL was first developed, it only worked well on light skin with dark hair. Over the last 20 years, the process has evolved to work well with almost all skin types and hair colors. However, people with light skin and dark hair will see the best results. This is because the light waves from IPL can not distinguish between the melanin in the follicles and the melanin on the skin.


Why Choose IPL for permanent hair removal?

  • It is non-invasive
  • It’s pain-free
  • Long-lasting results
  • Works on many skin tones
  • Therapeutic and healing skin benefits


Can you do IPL removal at home?

Yes. There are many options for IPL hair removal for home use. For example, the Ulike IPL hair removal system allows users to enjoy hair removal in the privacy of their own homes. This system is just as effective as salon treatment but offers privacy and allows for multiple uses. It is also effortless and will provide the same results as expensive salon treatments.

The main difference between salon treatments and at-home devices is that you may have to do more sessions for at-home treatments and the treatment times may be longer. However, the ability to do these at your convenience outweighs the need for additional treatments. Typical times for at-home treatments range from five minutes to an hour.

Home treatment devices are also wonderful to have for maintenance treatments. For many people, the hair will grow back at times; however, it should be very thin and much lighter in color. For those who want the option to treat whenever they find that new growth, home devices like the eUlike IPL hair removal system allows you to remove the hair on your own time and schedule.


Tips for IPL permanent hair removal at home

  • Do a test area before proceeding with a full treatment
  • Shave before and between treatments for the best results
  • Do not wax or thread before or during treatments
  • Do not tan during or just after treatment
  • Do not use IPL while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not use it around the eyes as it could damage your eyesight


What should I do after treatment?

After your treatment, you will want to avoid sunlight, tanning, and waxing. You will also need to avoid chemical peels and drugs that increase bleeding risk, such as aspirin and Ibuprofen. Additionally, you will need to stay away from creams or other skin products that have Vitamin A.


For convenience, at-home IPL treatment with devices like the Ulike IPL hair removal system is a great way to eliminate unwanted hair at an affordable price and in the comfort of your home.

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