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Bikini Line: How to Remove Hair Quickly

Of all the places on the body where hair removal is usually carried out, the bikini line is probably the trickiest. Waxing can be painful and unsuitable for the delicate area, while shaving can easily cause unsightly razor bumps and uncomfortable ingrown hairs. It’s no wonder, therefore, that an increasing number of women are turning to bikini laser hair removal.


You might have noticed that the hair around your bikini line and general pubic area is a lot coarser and thicker than on other parts of the body, and this is what tends to cause problems in hair removal. Of course, you are completely free to do as you please with your body hair, but for those who prefer to remove it, there are certain processes and techniques to consider in order to keep the experience as painless and fuss-free as possible.


If you’ve tried bikini hair removal in the past, you may have used some of these common methods:


Using a razor is usually the quickest method of hair removal, as well as the cheapest. Its affordability comes at a different cost, however, as shaving the delicate bikini line can lead to painful nicks and cuts, as well as ingrown hairs and rashes afterwards. In order to get a decent shave you should be using a high-quality razor, exfoliant, shaving cream, and aftercare - all of which can significantly increase the initial cost.


This popular method is either done professionally at a salon or at home. In both cases it’s a pretty painful procedure that takes a while to get used to, but the results tend to last longer than shaving.

Unfortunately, there are many downsides to waxing, too. Using hot wax clearly poses the risk of burns and irritation, and the entire process is pretty harsh - so waxing should be a big no-no for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies.


For those with the time and money, bikini laser hair removal at a salon offers a less painful and much longer-lasting alternative to waxing and shaving. With each session, hair growth is slowed until eventually it could disappear altogether, and it’s less likely to cause irritation than other methods too.

The commitment of several costly treatment sessions is off-putting to many, however, and is leading many women to turn to newer, more convenient methods of bikini hair removal.


So, how do I quickly and painlessly get rid of bikini hairs?

Relatively new on the scene is IPL hair removal, a ground-breaking technology designed to make hair removal quicker, easier, and more cost-effective. IPL - short for ‘intense pulsed light’ - works by directing multi-spectrum light at the skin, which is then absorbed by melanin and converted into heat energy, stopping hair growth right at the follicle. Contrary to belief, IPL is not the same as laser treatment, and has instead been specifically developed to be safe enough for use at home, by non-professionals.


As the IPL industry grows, so does the number of devices on the market, making it difficult to find the right product for your needs. There are also some drawbacks to using the device on the sensitive pubic area, so your choice of IPL bikini hair laser removal should not be taken lightly.


Fortunately, Ulike’s IPL devices have been carefully developed over time to provide the perfect solution to at-home bikini laser hair removal. Our three products AIR+ Dark Green, AIR+ Light Green, and AIR White all use medical-grade technology created by scientists that is sure to make bikini hair removal quick and painless.


Here are some of our favourite things about hair removal with Ulike:


  • Sapphire ice-cooling technology

The use of light energy to zap hairs typically causes the skin to get hot and uncomfortable, in some cases even reaching over 200℉ and causing painful burns. Luckily, Ulike’s sapphire technology is able to keep the temperature down and minimise risk of damage to the dermatological layers - making your home bikini hair removal significantly safer.

  • Speedy results

After just four weeks of regular use, hair growth decreases by a whopping 90%. It’s safe to use up to three times a week during the first month, and in the following months this can be reduced to twice a week, until finally you need only set aside one session a month.

  • Painless

Unlike shaving, waxing, and even salon laser treatment, hair removal with Ulike is a completely pain-free experience. The patented cooling technology keeps the skin at an appropriate temperature, while the intense pulsed light function cannot be felt by the body.


Ultimately, if you’re looking for a quick and painless way to rid your bikini line of stubborn hairs, an IPL device from Ulike is the way forward. We’re globally trusted and FDA approved, so you can be sure that your skin is safe and protected. Traditional bikini hair removal methods like waxing, shaving, removal cream, and epilation all pose separate risks to the delicate skin, as well as being only quick fixes to a long-term problem. With IPL, the investment in a specialised device is rewarded with impressive and enduring results.

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