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The Best Hair Removal for Gymnasts

There is so much practice and preparation for an athlete and gymnast to do before any game. Apart from it, one more task is also important for them. And, that is to remove the body hair. Yes, gymnasts and athletes also need to perform unwanted hair removal tasks. You are now wondering how gymnasts remove body hair.To know about all this, keep reading this article. We will also give the gymnasts, the best hair removal solution within this walk-through.

Why Do Athletes Need Body Hair Removal?

Some sports do have the rule to remove body hair for both men and women players. These sports include swimming, gymnastics, tennis or could be more. If we talk about the athletes and the gymnast, they need to remove their body hair because of the comfort while they are in the game. As the gymnast does all the jumps and works with the equipment like the parallel bars, horizontal bars, etc. it is important to have a hairless body to avoid hair bruises.

Why Not Wax or Shave?

Before we answer this, first let’s understand these two hair removal methods in detail.

Waxing is an effective hair removal method that removes unwanted hair from a particular skin area in one go. The process of waxing includes a professional, some melted wax, a wax applicator stick, and a fabric strip. With the help of the stick, the person spreads some melted wax (not too hot) on the area of hair growth. When the wax gets cool down and sticks to the hair, the professional then stripped off the hair and wax using the strip in the opposite hair growth direction. As the hair is removed from the root, the level of pain is extremely high. Not everyone can go through that kind of pain. Although the hairless results stay for 5-6 weeks.

On the other hand, shaving is kind of a way more comforting and inexpensive hair removal method than the above one. All you have to do is arrange some shaving cream and a good quality razor. Spread some of the shaving creams on the area of unwanted hair then glide the razor on it with a soft hand in the opposite of the hair growth direction. There you go, you will have hairless smooth skin. But this smooth skin experience lasts for only 3-4 days as the hair is only removed from the base. And the risk of cuts, razor burns, and ingrown hair is also associated with this hair removal method.

For a gymnast, both hair removal method is not suitable. As waxing includes pain and the risk of irritation which can put a negative effect on their performance. Shaving, on the other hand, is only a temporary solution and gymnasts don’t have that amount of time to spend on this after every fourth day. They need a permanent solution for unwanted hair removal.

Best Hair Removal Methods: Laser Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal (Ulike)

Athletes and gymnasts need a long-lasting or permanent and painless solution for the unwanted hair removal process. There are only two methods that are available right now to fulfill these two conditions. They are laser hair removal and IPL hair removal techniques. Let’s learn how they work one by one.

The laser hair removal method is one of the best long-lasting solutions for unwanted hair reduction. The emitted laser light penetrates the skin to kill the cells that are responsible for hair growth. This light is also absorbed by the melanin pigment. This method is very effective as it works properly to reduce the hair growth cycle.If the hair is fine then there are chances to them permanently through laser technique. An athlete and gymnast could go for this method as it will give them hairless skin for one year atleast. But it does include some risk of irritation, redness, and skin discoloration. These risks are enough to avoid this method because the gymnast can’t compromise with these at the time of their game.

At this point, only one hair removal method can help any gymnast with hair issues. That is the IPL hair removal technique. Many of you might confuse it with the laser method but there is a slight difference between these two. IPL technique works with an emitting much broader wavelength of light. The other remaining process is the same. So how is it better than the laser method? The answer to this is quite simple. The risk of skin irritation, redness, and discoloration issue is less than zero. And if we talk about the pain, you will only feel a tingling sensation during the sessions. IPL allows effective hair reduction in 5 to 6 weeks.

There is another comforting and way more reliable solution that uses this IPL technique. Ulike Sapphire Air+ is the ultimate way to remove unwanted coarse and hard hair. Whether you are a beginner gymnast or an Olympic gymnast who wants hair removal to be done in less time with the best results, you just only have to check if IPL works on your skin or hair. This has to be done because the IPL does not work on the dark skin tone and light hair color. The reason is the increased amount of melanin in the skin and the decreased level of it in hair. Other than that the IPL technique gives the best results than any other hair removal method. So does the Ulike Sapphire Air+ Dark Green IPL Hair Removal Handset. This device gives you the painless experience of hair removal with the best results in four weeks. It is a great help, especially for girls in gymnastics.

Final Words

The hair removal task is much more important for every gymnast and athlete. In this article, we have discussed some of the hair removal methods. From which Ulike Sapphire Air+ Dark Green IPL Hair Removing Handset could be your best choice. This device could be great, especially for girls in gymnastics who want painless treatment with the best results.

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