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The Best Ways to Remove Pubic Hairs

It is a natural thing for adults to feel self-conscious about their intimate areas and genitals. But for something as coarse as pubic hairs? No! You do not need any health or sexual reasons to either groom or rip them off.

Aside from the fact that pubic hair can generate odor from sweat and poor hygiene, everyone is entitled to the decision on whether to keep them or not, based on personal taste.

So, if one can maintain good and proper hygiene, the grooming of pubic hair is never something that can be said to be good or bad.

As a matter of fact, it has different views from different people depending on their culture, age, gender, and sexual exposure.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting the best ways to remove pubic hair in the following:


Trimming – The method of trimming only works well with a pair of scissors. Here, anyone can achieve pubic hair removal by cutting down or shaping the hair to the level you prefer. And by so doing, you will practically not touch the skin directly, and you will have a very painless experience. For a little guide:

  • Start by disinfecting the scissors.
  • Try to keep the pubic hair dry and separated.
  • Then, gradually begin to cut the hair in smaller sections until you cover the whole area.


Shaving – Shaving is another great way to get rid of pubic hair without attracting any pain. Anyone can carry out this process of shaving on himself, as the only requirement is a clean razor and some cream.

But the disadvantage of this method is that you’re likely to nick or cut the skin and introduce bacteria to the part. However, if you think it’s something you can handle, here’s how to do it:

  • Disinfect the blade
  • Make sure your pubic hair is wet and settled. It makes it easier to shave
  • Apply a natural cream or gel to get the skin lubricated, and to make reduce the likelihood of irritation.
  • Start shaving in the direction of your growth, while holding the skin taut.
  • It is advisable to dispose the blade after each session.


Depilatory cream – This is the use of hair removal creams that contain chemicals. The chemical contents will weaken the Keratin substance of the pubic hair, making them fall off easily.

While this method appears to be very straightforward and painless, please note that you may need to confirm if your skin will be irritated by the chemical content of the cream. Therefore, carrying out a patch test may be a prior thing you would want to consider.

Meanwhile, here are the steps involved in this public hair removal method:

  • Apply the Depilatory cream on the part you wish to remove
  • Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, as it weakens the hair in the area
  • Go on to wipe it with a warm towel
  • Then apply some natural oil to the skin


Waxing – Going by the waxing method of removing pubic hair may never promise to be painless. Although, it is very effective at removing hair for a long period, which is because it pulls the whole hair from the roots, and thereafter, gives the skin a very smooth surface.

As a simple method that can be done by anyone, here’s how to do it:

  • Get wax strips and over-the-counter wax
  • Clean the area you wish to wax
  • Apply the wax gel and place the strip over it.
  • Press it down for a while, and gently pull the strip off the skin.

In case you are considering this method, note that the pain of waxing can be unbearable to the thin skin of your intimate area. The method may also result to possible itching, irritation, and ingrown hair. Therefore, you will most likely need the help of a professional.


Tweezing – Tweezing can as well work fine for public hair removal. The method requires a tweezer and the process of picking and pulling the hairs individually. You should also expect to feel pain and a little discomfort in this process because the skin will naturally respond while you yank off the hair.

Below is a little guide on how to practice safe tweezing on your those pubes:

  • You could start by trimming or shaping the hairs if they’re very long. This lets you focus on the root.
  • Disinfect the tweezer
  • Get good light exposure and start grabbing the hair.
  • Hold the skin tight and pull gently to avoid injuries.


Electrolysis – This involves the use of a device called an epilator. It works by sending radio frequencies to the skin to damage hair follicles and achieve clear skin.

However, this method of pubic hair removal can be very slow and tiring if you are not patient. This is because the treatment handles individual hair follicles one after the other. So, a typical electrolysis treatment may take up to 3 hours to remove pubic hairs, and it is as well not a permanent solution.

 It is best practiced by a dermatologist or a health care provider.


Ulike IPL hair removal –  The use of IPL hair devices, such as the Ulike hair removal device is one perfect way to treat your pubic hair removal process in quality and style.

It works efficiently by sending mild radiation laser light to concentrate and damage hair follicles underneath the skin. With this, your hair growth will be disrupted, which is probably the one innovative solution you’ve been seeking for your pubic hair.

The purpose of this Ulike IPL hair removal device is to permanently stop hair growth, after receiving four follow-up sessions. And mind you, there’s no rigorous process involved with this treatment, so you’ll certainly jump right back on your feet and resume your regular activities after each procedure.

It is flexible to carry around, and also safe to use by anyone; whether yourself or a professional.



The choice is still yours on whether to practice pubic hair removal or to keep grooming.

But at the end of the day, if pubic hair removal is something you want to do, remember to do it in style and positivity!

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