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What you need to know about hypertrichosis

Unwanted body hair is an annoying problem for many. Some people are hairier than others which is one thing, but some of us have a rare condition known as hypertrichosis or werewolf syndrome. Now, this is a condition in which an excessive amount of hair grows on a person’s face or anywhere on the body. There are only a hundred or fewer cases of hypertrichosis around the world. But the life of these people become very challenging as the excessive hair growth directly affects their appearance. In this article, we will discuss what is hypertrichosis and some hair removal methods that one can opt for if they are suffering from the same. Moreover, for your convenience, we will also discuss the suitability of these methods.

What is Hypertrichosis?

Werewolf syndrome is a rare medical condition that causes abnormal hair growth to an extent where a person’s physical appearance is affected, in other words, far more hairy than other people. The hair on the body can occur in patches or it can cover the whole body. Hypertrichosis can be hereditary (passed down from parents) or it can also be acquired (triggered after being born).

Some possible causes that can be responsible for Werewolf syndrome:

  • Cancer
  • Malnutrition
  • Light sensitivity
  • Using certain medications
  • Any infection-causing disease which affects the skin afterward

Does laser hair removal work on hypertrichosis?

As we have discussed above, hair growth due to hypertrichosis could grow in the form of patches on the body or, it could cover the entire body. If the hair grows in a patch, then laser hair removal can be an option for someone who is dealing with this condition.

 The laser hair removal method uses a laser light that directly works to kill the cells that are responsible for hair growth in the hair follicles and the hair pigment called melanin. In the cases like hypertrichosis, a person usually has thick and dark hair which means the hair contains more melanin. It is good because the high amount of melanin takes in lighter and this method of hair removal becomes effective. But the downside is that this method also has some side effects like skin irritation, redness, skin burn, and more. That’s why it is important to consult with the doctor first.

Can you shave off hypertrichosis?

The shaving hair removal method is the easiest way to remove unwanted hair. Whether a person has normal hair growth or he/she is dealing with hypertrichosis, they can use this method. Hair is removed with the help of using shaving cream and a razor. First, the cream has to be applied to the area where the person has hair growth than a sharp stainless-steel razor glide over it in the opposite of the hair growth direction. Doing this removes the hair from its base.

But, when a person who is dealing with werewolf syndrome starts to remove the excess hair from the body, then they have to perform the hair removal process on regular basis. This is because the hair will eventually grow back in just a few couple of days. This is because shaving only cut off the hair and does not remove it from the root, the hair will grow after a few couple of days, and again, they are ready to be shaved off. Along with that, the risk of cuts and nicks is also involved.  

IPL is another good option and is much easier and faster

If the person with werewolf syndrome has patches of hair on the body, then the IPL hair removal technique can be a pretty good option. This technique is much similar to the laser method but a broader light is used to kill the hair cells and therefore, this technique is harmless. Moreover, this method also uses melanin pigment for light absorption.

Now, if you make use of this technique, a normal individual can see visible results after attending a few sessions (5-6 sessions) of IPL treatment. Not only hair removal is its primary feature, this technique could help in slowing the process of growth and eventually, in hair reduction. There is a revolutionary product available in the market, i.e., Ulike Sapphire IPL hair removal handset. It uses the same technique and is very helpful in hair removal from the comfort of the user’s home.


While we move towards the end of the article, we explored about hypertrichosis, a highly rare medical condition related to unwanted hair growth. Hypertrichosis or werewolf syndrome is completely a different hair issue than hirsutism as some people might get confused between them. And, as far as the use of the hair removal method is concerned, consulting a doctor about the condition is the first thing to do. After their permission, a person could try the hair removal method like IPL technique as it can be highly effective solution with nearly no side-effects.

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