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Full body hair removal in a more private way for PCOS

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“How can I manage excessive facial hair due to PCOS?” -- Quora

 Women who are dealing with the PCOS issue also face excessive unwanted hair growth problems. Both the things contribute to lowering their self-esteem. Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome cause unwanted hair because of the high production of androgen in the ovaries. In this case, the hair removal process becomes a huge task to achieve. Here, in this article, we will tell you how you can perform the full-body hair removal process in a more private way. So, keep reading.

What causes polycystic ovarian syndrome

Although, it is yet not determined as to what exactly causes polycystic ovary syndrome in females. But some genetic and environmental factors are considered to be the causes for it. Some of the causes are mentioned below in detail.

  • Excess of male hormone: Androgen hormone is highly responsible to elevate the condition of PCOS in women. This is a male hormone that is generally present in a small amount of the female body. High levels of this hormone can create problems in the ovulation process (releasing eggs from the ovaries). Along with that, it also results in acne and unwanted hair growth.
  • Insulin resistance: The other hormone which can increase the androgen level is insulin. It is produced by the pancreas and helped the cell consume the sugar. When the cells fall short to do so the blood sugar level increases, then a signal is sent to pancreas, enabling it to produce more insulin. A high level of insulin contributes to the high production of androgen and the whole hormonal imbalance starts to occur. Eventually, resulting in conditions like PCOS.
  • Low-grade inflammation: The high production of androgen is also due to low-grade inflammation. This is a response in which WBC (white blood cells) make and produce some chemicals in defense against any infection or injury. In PCOS cases, the female body tends to have chronic (long-term) low-grade inflammation. This could be detected by performing a blood test to check the CRP level.
  • Family history: If the PCOS condition runs in your family then the chances are high that you could also have it in the future.

Private Hair Removal Methods for Unwanted Hair

Below, we’ve mentioned hair removal methods that tops the list when it comes to the hair removal task privately. Let’s now look at each one of them individually.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams or depilatories are a great way to remove unwanted hair. A combination of two chemicals (thioglycolate and calcium hydroxide) is used in these creams that help to melt the hair from the base. You just have to apply the cream on the hair-acquired skin for 10-15 minutes. And when the chemicals are done with their work (you can see melted hair substance), wash off the area. You can get rid of the unwanted hair for at least one week.

 Hair Removal Cream

As the chemicals used in these creams are of harsh nature, they can be irritating and can also react with the skin in some cases. So, it is important to take a patch test before the actual hair removal process. Women with PCOS issues are not suggested to follow this method as the skin becomes more sensitive and the possibility of reaction becomes greater than anyone else.   


Shaving works by cutting the hair off from its base. It is the most affordable and most used method among men and women. You can use disposable razors as it works better than the electric shavers that are available in the market. Shaving is completely a nearly painless method to remove body hair no matter what area you want to shave. After shaving, you can enjoy the hairless skin for 2-3 days which is quite a very short time period. Apply some shaving cream on the skin and softly run the razor over it. It is always suggested to stay careful while you are working with sharp objects (in this case, a razor) to avoid cuts. 


The Best and Nearly painless – IPL

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is one of those hair removal methods which work without giving any pain. The laser technology does the task effectively to remove the hair from the root. But don’t get it confused with the laser hair removal treatment. The process is somewhat the same as both treatment target the hair pigment called melanin and kill the hair growth cells. But the risk of skin irritation and discoloration is absent in this one. In the name of pain, you will only feel an elastic band flick. After starting the treatment, you can see proper results in three to four weeks.

Ulike IPL Hair Removal

Pros and Cons of these hair removal methods

Hair removal cream
Comfort level
Less pain
No pain
No pain
Time consumption
30 minutes to 1 hour
10-20 minutes
10-30 minutes per session
Result Duration
Up to one week
2-3 days
Last up to half a year
Risks and hygiene
Risk of infection and irritation
Risk of razor burn, cuts, and nicks
No risk or hygiene issue


The most effective Hair Removal technique?

The IPL technique is now getting so much popularity among women. But still, you have to go out for the clinic appointment which sometimes is a little annoying. To free you from this annoyingness, Ulike Sapphire Nearly painless Hair Removal Handset is here. This revolutionary product gives you a salon-like treatment at your home without any other person’s help. Its laser technology helps to remove unwanted hair without any pain. Unlike other hair reduction methods, it is a non-messy technique as it does not need any cream or gel. This product also eliminates the risk of any reaction or infection.

Women who are suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome issues and also dealing with excessive unwanted hair can rely on this product. After 3 to 4 weeks, you could see a huge difference as the hair will be reduced and stays like that for 4 to 6 months. 


We have guided you through the most suitable methods of unwanted hair removal. Each one comes with some pros and cons. And in cases of polycystic ovary syndrome or sensitive skin issues, you need to be more aware and careful while choosing the right method. And therefore, IPL could be a suitable solution as it reduces the risk of irritation and infection. And for that, Ulike hair removal handset could be the best choice for PCOS patients.

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