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How To Do Flawless Hair Removal

Who doesn’t want silky smooth skin with no hair on it? It’s a dream of every woman but we all have hair on our bodies naturally. So, every woman has to use a way to remove those unwanted body hair. If you ask any women about this, they will tell you how annoyed they feel when they perform the hair removal process. To keep that in mind, we have come up with the top five flawless hair removal solutions which can help you to get smooth and hairless skin. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details.

What is Flawless Hair Removal?

Here are our top five flawless hair removal solutions.

1.    Waxing

Waxing is the most common and popular method of removing body hair among women. A liquid (slightly warm) wax is applied to the skin with hair growth. Then, the hair which is stuck with the wax is pulled by a cloth strip. Doing this removes the unwanted hair from its root and you will get flawless skin without hair. However, you will feel an amount of pain which can make you cry sometimes if your body hair is thick and growth is heavy. Although, there is a cold wax strip option also available in the market which claims less pain in the hair removal process. But, this depends on person to person. Moreover, a person who has sensitive skin should ignore it as it can cause infection and redness.

2.    Laser

Laser hair removal mainly targets melanin (a substance that is responsible for hair growth). This treatment is capable of removing unwanted hair permanently. But for this, you will have to attend multiple sessions. This treatment is best suitable for those who have dark hair with light skin (more dark hair means more melanin). You may get flawless skin without any pain. In the name of pain, you can feel a tingling sensation. But it is an expensive treatment and for every clinic appointment, you have to spare a huge amount of time. So, if you are comfortable spending your valuable money and time, you can give it a try. You can also try laser treatment if you have any sensitivity issues with your skin. Although, sometimes people get uncomfortable during the sessions and this method is not an option for light-colored body hair.      

3.    IPL

Another hair reduction technique that is getting popularity among women is the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal treatment. Unlike the laser technique, it produces a broad laser light with many wavelengths with low power and targets the hair root (and prevents hair from growing back).  IPL is the only flawless hair removal method that can remove unwanted body hair without any irritation or pain. This method can be used at home also easily. Moreover, it can treat all areas of the body. But people with thin and fair hair cannot use this treatment as like laser technique, it also works through melanin. This method is a kind of investment that gives you results after doing multiple sessions (4-5 sittings at a gap of every 2 gaps). And, there are some precautions also that you have to take care of. One is, to wear SPF30 and the second is, to prevent your skin from direct sunlight during the sessions.

4.    Electrolysis

Electrolysis hair removal treatment is the most preferable option when it comes to permanent hair reduction. Because the small intensity current produced by an instrument used in the process kills the hair growth cells present in the follicles. It treats each hair follicle one by one. That’s why it consumes more time than any other hair reduction technique. Moreover, it can be used for only small skin areas like removing facial and underarms hairs. You can also feel little sensation during this treatment. Some people could also face issues like irritation, redness, and skin burn.  And it is a little pricey too. It could be a solution for unwanted hair removal and silky smooth skin. But ignore it if you have sensitive skin.

5.    Shaving

Shaving always helps every woman at the time of every unknown special occasion invites. Simply put some shaving cream on the desired area and gently glide the razor over it. Doing this will remove the hair from the base and you will get smooth skin for two to three days. It is a temporary flawless hair removal solution that can help you in unexpected events. As the hair is removed only from its base (not from the root), it will grow back after three or four days. It is definitely a painless method to remove hair but it involves risk of cuts and irritation.

How to remove hair painlessly and without damaging the skin?

From all of the above-mentioned flawless hair removal methods, only one technique can satisfy you on the ground of removing unwanted body hair without pain and damaging the skin. And that method is the IPL hair removal technique. Using this amazing method, Ulike has come up with a revolutionary product. With Ulike Sapphire Painless IPL hair removal handset, stubborn hair removal task is going to be so easy for you all. From flawless facial hair removal to private part hair reduction, it can reduce the growth of unwanted hair efficiently. To protect your skin from any heat, Ulike gives users a smart temperature control feature. On top of that, it works with sensitive skin too. You don’t need to go anywhere to do it. You can easily do it all by yourself at your home. Here, you can give it a try to achieve flawless skin.


After reading this article, you will get an idea of which flawless hair removal method you should adopt for removing your unwanted body hair. As we recommend, you can totally rely on the Ulike Sapphire Painless IPL hair removal handset. It is the only solution which could help you to get the desired body hairless look without giving you any pain or irritation. And also doesn’t put a burden on your pocket. We hope you will make a right choice for yourself.

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