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IPL vs. Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

IPL vs. Alexandrite laser hair removal is a topic that comes up frequently in the beauty industry because both are very popular hair removal methods. Both have their merits and disadvantages, and neither is better in all situations. However, these two treatments are quite different in terms of effectiveness, cost, pain level, and other factors. It is important to understand how each of these hair removal methods works before making your final decision on which to undergo. Let’s take a look at how they stack up against each other and which one might be right for you. Here's an informative rundown of the similarities and differences between IPL vs. Alexandrite laser hair removal.

Part 1: Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite lasers are the most popular laser hair removal treatments for both men and women. It works by penetrating the skin and destroying hair follicles. Alexandrite treatments are usually more expensive, but they are more effective than other Laser hair removal techniques.

The Alexandrite Laser works by emitting the 755 nm beam of light through an Alexandrite crystal. The light pulses focus on the hair follicles which makes the unwanted hairs fall. It minimizes further hair growth. Alexandrite laser hair removal can be used to remove unwanted hairs from any part of the body including legs, chest, neck, back, face, bikini line, underarms, etc. But it is ideal for larger body parts with light to olive skin tones and thin hairs. The duration of the treatment depends on the body part as well as the hair growth. Generally, 8 sessions are required for removing hairs permanently using this technique.

The widely used Alexandrite hair removal systems are candela, cynosure apogee, epitouch plus, gentlelase, etc.

Pros: The fastest system of hair removal.

Cons: These hair removal systems are painful when compared to other systems. It might also sometimes cause discoloration of the skin.

Part 2: IPL Hair Removal

One of the most popular treatments for hair removal is IPL hair removal. This treatment uses light to target your unwanted hair and reduce its growth. IPL works by targeting pigment in the hair follicle. The light energy emitted from the IPL heats up the hair follicles, which causes them to shrink. This can cause a permanent reduction in hair growth and cause your hair to be lighter or less noticeable in color.

It is fast, affordable, and relatively painless. IPL works by targeting hair follicles with short, intense pulses of high-frequency light. The resulting damage causes hairs to fall out, leaving you smooth and hair-free for weeks or months at a time. This treatment can be applied to a variety of skin and hair types. But it is ideal for light skin with dark hair and best works for larger body parts.

The best IPL product is from Ulike as it is affordable and can be easily used at home. The device is FDA certified and comes with a 1-year warranty and 30 days no reason to return.

Pros: IPL can quickly remove unwanted hairs from larger body parts. IPL hair removal technique provides the customization option for hair type, skin tone, and treatment area.

Cons: It is not recommended for people whose skin is often exposed to the sun as it may often lead to hyperpigmentation.

Is IPL better than alexandrite?

Well! IPL and Alexandrite both work best depending on their features and certain factors. Due to some reasons, we find IPL better than Alexandrite.

  1. IPL is the newer version of Laser and works on more advanced technology, therefore it might provide more benefits to its users.
  2. IPL is a proven more successful hair removal technique as compared to Alexandrite.
  3. Whereas if you use Ulike sapphire IPL hair removal device, you can apply the removal procedure at your own comfort zone on your own. It is a one-time investment that is also very cost-effective. You are not required to invest for each session. On the other hand, if you opt for an Alexandrite laser hair removal procedure, you need to visit a professional. You will be required to invest in every session and each session is more costly than even the one-time investment on Ulike IPL device.
  4. The research shows that people do not feel any pain while using the IPL device. Whereas Alexandrite treatment might be painful.
  5. IPL technology provides a more customized treatment as per the particular requirement which is unavailable in Alexandrite.
  6. Lasers generate many short pulses which imitate a longer pulse. Whereas, the IPL system generates about 250 ms of pulse width which can easily target areas with a larger diameter.
  7. While researchers found that there are side effects including itching, swelling, and redness of using the Alexandrite laser treatment. Whereas, IPL treatment does not lead to such side effects but there might be certain cases of discoloration of the skin which is later reduced on its own.


In the end, the choice you make depends on your needs and your preferences. There are pros to going with either option, and both have proven effective for those looking to rid themselves of unwanted hair.

The IPL and the Alexandrite laser are two of the top choices that are available for permanent hair removal. As per our choices, we recommend you to give a try to Ulike device for IPL hair removal. It is the best hair removal treatment available at a very low cost. With the device, you can permanently get rid of unwanted hairs from any body part with so much ease. Also, you are required to put in very less effort. You can use the device easily, even if you are not a technology person.

So, this is all we need to inform you all when it comes to IPL vs. Alexandrite laser hair removal. Hope it will be helpful for you.

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