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IPL vs. Diode Laser Hair Removal

Everyone wants to have flawless skin. But sometimes the hair growth is so daunting that one cannot think of going with sleeveless and expect soft skin. To get rid of it, people (especially women) do consider hair removal.

Hair removal is a common method of removing hair from the body. There are many different methods of hair removal that can be used, and there are a variety of products available to help you achieve the results you want. Well, for doing so some people consider a hair removal cream, diode laser hair removal, or a razor. 

To help you in knowing more, here we are discussing the latest technologies that people consider. Yes, in this read we will help you to know about IPL vs. Diode Laser Hair Removal. So, keep reading!

The Difference between IPL & Diode Laser Hair Removal

Right now, diode and IPL hair removal processes are ruling out the market. Undoubtedly both of the methods turn out to be the best ones around. But the confusion arises when people are unaware of the differences and end up with a random decision. 

IPL Hair removal:

IPL stands for “Intense Pulse Light”. This is a light treatment utilizing strong pulses of light for stimulating or treating various issues with the skin. Now it is in consideration for the hair removal process as well.

The working principle of IPL hair removal is very simple. The light comes out of IPL device absorbed by the pigment in the hair that is responsible for building up energy that turns into heat. This heat travels down to the hair and then disables and destroys the cells that promote hair growth.

For IPL hair removal people can consider Ulike IPL hair removal device. This is one of the best products available in the market to date which is easy to use and without visiting any particular place people can get rid of these unwanted hairs.

Diode laser hair removal:

Diode Laser hair removal is a laser treatment helpful in removing hair gently along with providing protection to the skin. This treatment is a suitable option for all skin types. But a recommendation from a qualified and experienced Dermatologist is a must.

The working of diode Laser hair removal is not so easy to understand as it works on the principle of selective photothermolysis. In simple words, the Dermatologist will come up with a specific wavelength of light and Pulse duration for tissue treatment for obtaining maximal effect. Melanin is right there in the hair follicles absorbs the intense heat of the laser and gets damaged which inhibits future hair growth.

Differences between IPL and Diode laser hair removal:

There are certain differences that are a must to know for IPL and Diode laser hair removal:

Ease of use:

IPL hair removal can be done with the product at your home but for Diode laser hair removal consultation with a Dermatologist is a must.


Diode laser hair removal processes turn out to be expensive as compared to IPL hair removal. There are different charges that get added to diode laser hair removal treatment that you might have to incur. Whereas in IPL you just need to invest for once and you can enjoy the results as long as the product is healthily working with you.

Long-lasting results:

Results with diode laser hair removal is long lasting as compared to IPL hair removal. But there are very few chances that with IPL hair removal people need to go through the process again.

The risk with the process:

IPL hair removal is comparatively safe as compared to diode Laser hair removal. Some people after diode laser hair removal experiences a feeling of nausea and vomiting.

Type of skin:

IPL and diode laser hair removal both processes are suitable for every skin type. But there are some individuals with dark skin who experiences comparatively less visible results with IPL.

Which is better IPL or diode laser?

Both treatments come up with pros and cons. When a person is looking forward to going for diode laser hair removal, they need to reach out to a Dermatologist and then only they can get it done.

But with IPL hair removal they can simply consider the products like Ulike hair removal and get rid of unwanted hair by sitting at their home. There will be no need for them to book any particular appointment with the dermatologist in order to get rid of the hair.

Also, the chances of Side Effects are very less with IPL as compared to the laser hair removal process.


Hair removal is a daunting task and there is no doubt no one wants to deal with these unwanted hairs. Different type of hair removal processes is available in the market but people want something that turned out to be an easiest and a long-lasting solution. For that IPL hair removal and diode laser hair removal turns out to be the best options available around. But yes, an individual need to be sure about both of them. This is because as mentioned earlier both the processes have a fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

In our recommendation, one must consider IPL hair removal first then diode laser hair removal because you can do it by getting a simple product at your home, which is far less expensive. If you don’t find satisfactory results, you can definitely then opt for diode laser hair removal.

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