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What is Ulike Sapphire Tech?

Ulike focus on IPL hair removal over 8 years. We love IPL tech, it offers an option to take hair removal at home. Even our IPL tech already is safe and stable, we still study and research. The heat will be made people feel discomfort when using IPL hair removal. Finally, Ulike invent a Sapphire Ice-Cooling painless tech to reduce the heat when the device is working. Here are points for our Sapphire Tech:

Device Boot Up

After booting up 30 seconds, there is fogging up on the light export. It is an ice feeling when you touch it. This is a hint to let you know, the Sapphire Tech is on.

How It Works

When the IPL hair removal device works on, it needs to emission IPL out and that is hot with a little bit of burn. This feeling makes us uncomfortable. We put a Ulike Sapphire to solve this problem and make the Ice-Cooling tech come true. The Sapphire looks like a piece of ice. It will keep reducing the heat from inside to make sure the light won't hurt your skin but hair removal is available.

Easier to Use

The sapphire will fit on your skin and you are easy to know which area would be flashed. And it makes the light export becomes flat. And the flathead is not only easy to clean but prevents germ to life.

With Ulike hair removal sets, home is your own salon.

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